Defend Summit County from Opioids
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We are on a mission to defend Summit County from the opioid crisis.  We won't stop until our families and neighbors are no longer dying from this epidemic.  We are going house by house, school by school, and town by town defending Summit County from opioid addiction.  One of the best defense strategies we have is making sure all excess medications are disposed of properly.  The fact is, most kids that try opioids for the first time get them from the medicine cabinet of someone they know.  That's why it's so important to safely dispose of any unused, outdated and no longer necessary medications before they fall into the wrong hands.

This is where you can make a big difference!  For just $10 worth of disposal pouches, most households can safely clear out a medicine cabinet.
Please make a donation to help us get disposal pouches to every house in Summit County.  A $10 donation makes one house safe; a $250 donation makes every house in one elementary school classroom, safe.  We need to purchase 10,000 more pouches to complete our mission, so anything you donate helps us get closer to a safer, healthier, and happier Summit County!

Don't forget to clean out your own medicine cabinet and please sign up to be a Summit County Defender.